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Friday, March 30th, 2012

A While ago, I asked if anyone had heard about a fantastic recipe site called I heard of it from a good friend, who is always on the hunt for the ‘source’ of music. Where does it get upped to first?!? Well, I eventually got into waffles, thanks to a friently redditor, who ironically got banned for inviting me :/ But I invited him back. I also got into another amazing and secretive site called Both are private torrent trackers boasting the largest collection of music…. ahem recipes rather, I’ve ever seen. definitely has more content, which makes the ratios (and getting invites) a much more daunting task!!

Well, having a super ratio on has allowed to me to invite my friends & a few lucky clients to join. Now I’m building up invites quicker than I can hand them out. SO do your research, and next time you see me, ask me to toss an invite your way, and if you can talk the talk, you just may get lucky 🙂


Can anyone explain the logic here?

Monday, February 7th, 2011

Why are some instruments (piano, guitar, flute) called a concert C (c note= c on a tuner. While other instruments have different tunings, like a tenor saxophone is called a concert Bb (1 step down from C), but an alto sax is a concert Eb (2 steps up from C).

Makes it necessary to be able to transpose music, if you want to play along with other instruments, slightly tricky but not impossible. But why? There must be a reasoning why these instruments are tuned this way?

In the meantime I keep an acoustic guitar tuned to D (1 step down) to match the tenor sax. Call it cheating if you will, I will only take criticism from someone who can provide a valid answer!