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With more than a decade of experience working in Toronto, wiring more than 100 homes throughout the GTA and installing countless home theatres we have faced a variety of challenges. Since we started Audio Amigo’s, we have been contracted countless times to ease the expectations that another company had failed to deliver.We enjoy a detail-oriented work procedure and are meticulous from start to finish. We offer an affordable solution to technology-based systems and installations because we realize the need for it in today’s competitive market place. We understand the value of a creative and informative approach and we listen to your needs. Our reviews have called us: “responsive, punctual, polite and knowledgeable”.

Because we are not a retail store, we can work outside the box to give an un-paralleled level of customer service.  You should not have to take a day off from your job to have us work in your home. We can start at 8 a.m. or 8 p.m. depending on your time restrictions. We are happy to accommodate.

The Dirty Little Secret.

Outside of the box…

With the rise of the “big box stores” like Best Buy, Costco, Future Shop and now Wal-Mart, the competition for your business has become fierce. The inside pricing is so competitive it is no longer a secret that there is very little money made from selling TVs or entertainment systems.

The way the money is made is on the accessories you’re convinced you need. The reasoning is simple, if you buy their product, perhaps they can sell you their service. Have you ever been asked to buy an extended warranty?

At Audio Amigos we take a different approach. We are not a retailer trying to sell you on products and services at an inflated price.  We can work with any TV or any system regardless of where you bought it. We offer our expertise and experience. We can provide support at any level from start to finish on any project. We will advise you on what to buy and when the time comes, we will install it for you. We look to build a relationship with our clients and encourage them to call us if they have any questions or need advice. We want to be there for you. Not just your money.

A commitment to quality.

Doing more with less, so you get the best…

We have always taken great pride in our work. The satisfaction of not only a job well done, but also in delivering and educating our clients with the knowledge to fully enjoy their systems.

When designing a system, we listen closely to our clients needs, desires and expectations. If you are renovating, we can design a specific environment that will not only satisfy your entertainment needs but also provide a visually stunning room with outstanding performance in sight and sound.

We have worked with a number of reputable designers throughout Toronto and have seen some very satisfying results. When working within existing environments there are always limitations and restrictions. We can take advantage of your current space and show you the best place to install your speakers and TV. We can also show you what can be done with all the wires. We are experienced in all aspects of entertainment/technological wiring and can get the most out of what you have or upgrade you if necessary. This is where a true passion for the work and a trained eye for detail comes in. We treat your home with respect, not like a job site. You will be presented with options depending on the amount of work you need done. We can “fish” wires from one room to another or one floor to another. The experience we have cuts down on the amount of time it takes to complete these tasks.

We know what to expect when we cut a hole in your wall and always educate our clients on what to actually expect. When planning your system you can not account for things you didn’t know or think about. This is another way our expertise can benefit you.

Time and training.

Driven by the passion for knowledge.

Trial and error might work fine for the “do it your-selfers”, but it usually ends up costing more than you expected because of the cost of correcting mistakes and replacing materials. Not to mention the delay and inconvenience involved. We are expertly trained. Cedia and Comp TIA Certified. We are constantly exposed to new technology. Learning new ways to do things and accomplish the desired goals. There are no schools that teach this as the technology evolves at far to great a speed. It is this passion for the knowledge that drives us. We have a good idea what is around the corner and endeavor to be leaders in the ever-changing aspects of media entertainment so we can deliver the most up to date and technologically advanced information to our clients.

We can look at a situation and see all the options instantly. This is where training and actual experience pays off. The guess work is eliminated leaving only desired results. Performance can often be out weighed by existing conditions or design restrictions. We have the knowledge and experience to bring the best results to any project. If it is possible, we can do it.

Package Comparison

The bottom line…

Some people prefer a fixed price for a service. This is understandable given the fact that an hourly rate can leave you open to being taken advantage of. If you prefer to have a fixed price Audio Amigos is happy to provide a competitive package that will not break your budget.

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