Damaged hdmi cable

Damaged hdmi cable repaired! A 25 foot cable fished from a closet in an adjoining room, was damaged at the connector.

The internets claimed repair was impossible!

All soldered And ‘B’ Connected ready to go, Lets test  it!

Absolutely perfect!

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3 Responses to “Damaged hdmi cable”

  1. reid says:

    How did you do the repair and where did you get the new end/connector? Looks like your work did the trick

    • Grant says:

      I did the repair very carefully, Twice actually. It was a ‘Planet Waves’ branded cable, at first I tried to patch it with an ‘xbox 360’ hdmi cable, which sort of worked. There was a picture, but it wasn’t right. I attribute that to the different gauges, or perhaps my error and frustration (it was a long day). The end that worked, was sourced from a 1FT ‘Planet Waves’ cable, I cut it right in half (more chances, I actually still have the other half right here on my desk!). This time, all the colors matched, and gauges were the same (although one being a 25 ft cable and the other a 1ft cable! Anyone from PW willing to comment on that!?), I stripped it all back, twisted them together, soldered them (With a high quality silver solder) and then used ‘B connects’ (illustrated) instead of taping cause that would have been a pain! You can see the results for yourself, about 2 months later, not a single hiccup not a single problem! ALSO! For the record, after investigating thoroughly, I believe the cable was originally damaged by the low profile, tilting wall mount, and ‘Panasonics’ slightly less than thought out hdmi input positioning. TV was tilted too much, crushed the connector!

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