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Near impossible cat5 and TV cable fishing + Plasma TV wall mounting

Scott M. Curtis in Mississauga 3 | Sep 12, 2013

**My sincere apologies to Anthony and Mike for not writing this review 6 months ago!** Having purchased a 3 year-old home with no cable outlet in the living room (WHO, IN THEIR RIGHT MIND, SPECIFICALLY ASKS A BUILDER TO NOT INSTALL A CABLE OUTLET IN THE LIVING ROOM OF THEIR NEW HOUSE?!). Anyway, from a decor standpoint, I picked the most logical wall to hang my TV. From an installation standpoint, think I picked the absolute worst possible spot to try and fish cat5 and TV cables to! A heavily-fortified half-wall that backs on to a staircase, at the opposite end of the house from where the wires originate, one floor up! By the time Anthony and Mike left that day, I was left with nothing but a sleek-mounted TV on my wall, glorious HD picture quality, a lightening fast data connection, absolutely no mess left behind, and a sense of utmost admiration for what these guys can do – not to mention a grin on my face from ear to ear! Before they left that day, I suggested a couple of new names for their company: “Mission Impossible Audio” or perhaps “No Compromises Audio”. Either one is fitting! I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Audio Amigos to anyone considering hiring someone to help improve the quality of their audio/video experience at home!

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