Waffles.fm Invites!!

A While ago, I asked if anyone had heard about a fantastic recipe site called waffles.fm. I heard of it from a good friend, who is always on the hunt for the ‘source’ of music. Where does it get upped to first?!? Well, I eventually got into waffles, thanks to a friently redditor, who ironically got banned for inviting me :/ But I invited him back. I also got into another amazing and secretive site called what.cd. Both are private torrent trackers boasting the largest collection of music…. ahem recipes rather, I’ve ever seen. What.cd definitely has more content, which makes the ratios (and getting invites) a much more daunting task!!

Well, having a super ratio on Waffles.fm has allowed to me to invite my friends & a few lucky clients to join. Now I’m building up invites quicker than I can hand them out. SO do your research, and next time you see me, ask me to toss an invite your way, and if you can talk the talk, you just may get lucky 🙂


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6 Responses to “Waffles.fm Invites!!”

  1. Dope.One says:

    Hi Grant.I read your article and I want to ask you if you could somehow invite me to either what.cd or waffles.fm.I’ve tried to interview for what.cd but it seems my ip was banned,so my only way in is and invite.It gets worse.I tried to get one but as I don’t know any member on the mentioned sites I can’t register.If you could help me I’d be very thankful.We can contact somewhere on private on where you could send me an invite so we won’t get banned or stuff like that.
    P.S. I’m familiar with audio in general.Know about lossy,lossless,LAME encoder-it’s settings.Stuff that has to be known.

  2. sillyshorts says:

    gosh I would die for a waffles invite. I need to get on that!

  3. andy0 says:

    I’m just starting on waffles, maybe I’ll see you around 🙂

    Your blog covers some awesome topics that I’m following. I hope you keep it up!

  4. shoalla says:

    I wish I could get an invite. I love good quality music (particularly FLAC) but finding it anywhere on public trackers is soo hard. I would do anything to get an invite to Waffles.fm!

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